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collector- [kuh-lek-ter] noun 3. a person who collects books, paintings, stamps, shells, etc., especially as a hobby.

collect- [kuh-lekt] verb 1.to gather together; assemble

A long time ago, when I first attempted blogging, I came up with the name Collecting Cabbages for my first blog. EH?, you say.

I was trying to capture the essence of what I wanted to say to the world, and what came to mind was an experience I had once. A friend of mine was working on her tiny winter garden, not for food, but for the aesthetic. She had planted a couple cabbages and I thought they were kind of ugly, although they did lend a certain interesting texture. Who really loves cabbages, after all?




A few visits later, and my mind was blown.





Who knew? It taught me something about hidden beauty, especially given time. I look for things like this now along my way and desire to share them with others, just in case they might miss it. The blog name morphed along the way, but the intention remains the same.

I am a collector. I must be very strict with myself about the quantity of collections, because, as I have discussed before, I hate clutter. I have many mini, carefully curated small collections that I love to look at and add to, selectively. Baskets, glass, antique tins, pottery, art, jewelry, plants, nature bits, people. Pretty ecclectic.

I have wondered recently what drives my interest in collecting. I also am an assembler. Collage and jewelry making speak to my soul because of it. Taking somewhat ordinary things and assembling them into the extraordinary… I suppose it’s a metaphor for how I see life, and how I would like others to see life. I just want to show others, “See? Did you see this small thing and the uniqueness of it? Do you see how it adds to the mosaic of your life?” The blooming cabbages along the way, if you will.

Ha! Bloomin’ cabbages. Sounds like a British swear. But I digress.

To have them all in one place, to look over, to examine, to remember. to admire. I think that’s the heart of it.