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On with the theme of simplicity…

I was thinking this morning about God’s original design for our lives. He never intended for us to strive and grasp and stress, but to live at rest in relationship with Him under His total provision, stewarding these things. (Genesis 2)

When Adam and Eve sinned and disobeyed God, as a Father He had to give them consequences. But even in His discipline, the life they were expected to lead was simple. Raise a family, work the land. And in His great kindness, despite their sin, God built rewards into that life. (Genesis 3)

Marriage is both hard work and a lifelong friendship. Children are both hard work, and a sweet blessing. Cultivating the land is very hard work, and yet there is the satifaction of a job well done, and the literal fruit of your labor. Even so, I can only imagine how much simpler it was without modern distractions and demands to focus on: 1. your relationship with God, 2. your spouse and family, 3. your job.

My, how things have changed.

Now hear me, I am not necessarily against our modern conveniences and way of life. Some things I really appreciate. But I do wonder how many of God’s innate rewards and blessings we are missing out on by trying to outdo Him and His natural order. I get this foreboding at times that technology and science are reaching a point where they are a modern day Tower of Babel, and it will all come crashing down on us. (Genesis 11) Then what are we left with?

God’s original design.

I find that a little bit mind-blowing.