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Here is my train of thought on this reminder- which I love, by the way.

When I am angry or hurt, the root is always perceived rejection. Rejection of my feelings, rejection of my wisdom, rejection of my efforts, rejection of my personality, and on and on.

My reaction is most always distance. You are now at arms’ length because you hurt me.  Which is a form of control. You now do not have the freedom to be close enough to impose on my emotions with your actions. Sometimes this is wisdom, but not with the people closest to me. It becomes a form of punishment- not intentionally at first, at first it is only a self-preserving instinct. But the longer I let it go on, the more satisfying it feels, to be honest. This is not how Christ handles hurt and rejection.

Align yourself with Love instead. How does Love respond to hurt and rejection? He forgave. He remained vulnerable. He did not push people away, but drew them closer. Love waited for conviction of the heart. Love was eager for reconciliation. He made room for restoration. He did not allow Himself the right to stay hurt and angry.

Let this be so in my own life.