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the first day of school.

at last. time alone. a quiet house. i’ve been feeling a little desperate for this.

for eighteen years i’ve been sending a child, or multiple children, to school.

and i’m sad/glad. every time.

this year especially. i thought sending them to kindergarten was so hard. i’m finding having our daughter grown and engaged, our middle son already a junior, our youngest son a freshman, harder still. i swear i only blinked for a moment. just to catch my breath.

in a place of looking forward- i will miss them so much when they don’t live here and are out having grand lives of their own.
don’t run too far ahead with that one…

in a place of looking back- daughter pirouetting through the living room in a pink tutu, feather boa, and a disney nightgown; son building lego towers taller than his head and fantastic spaceships out of his own imagination; son with his miniature red broom and dustpan “i get de dirts for you momma.” i miss them too.

so bittersweet, this blessed calling of mom.

so much to look forward to. so much to look back on.

but stay here. stay right here, or you’ll miss it. the precious now.