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Apparently, there is a debate happening that I was unaware of until lately. It’s not a big deal…and yet it is, because of what it’s symptomatic of.

I love LOVE music. I try to stay away from most secular music though because of it’s content. My barometer is if I feel convicted not to listen to a song, band etc., I don’t, even if I really like it. I’ve come across a good bit of Christian music lately though that mimics the STYLE of popular secular music but with Christ-based lyrics. I like it. I listen to it.

I know several¬†people who have presented the case to me that it’s ungodly to listen to it because it is a compromise with the world, it’s not true praise music. My first reaction was: um. WHAT? (on the inside). Usually willing to listen to an opposing point of view, I let them explain. I get what they are saying, but I prayed about it and asked God what He thought. I have to say I am not at all convinced I should stop listening to it. Here is why; God asked me a series of questions (which is His usual way of responding to me when I have a question for Him). These are His questions and my answers:

  • Q: Have you ever sensed or felt Me telling you to turn it off while listening? A: No.
  • Q: Do the lyrics cause you to think of Me or think of the world? A: You.
  • Q: Does the rhythm or the beat of the music give you a desire to sin? A: No.
  • Q: Do you believe I gifted these artists with talent and an annointing to share it to strengthen and give joy to those who believe in Me? A: Yes.
  • So then, what do you think?

A: I think that for me, I am free to enjoy it and even have a dance party with You! I think the spirit of religion loves to create a “holier than thou” mentality between Believers instead of praying for one another and trusting that YOU will show us each one where we are in error. I think that if this is an area for an individual Christian that is a stumbling block, they should avoid it. I think I am even free to share this music with others and allow You to teach them if it is for them, or not.

All of that said, this is what I’m listening to this week:

Live to Praise You, Lincoln Brewster

Greater, MercyMe

Thrive, Casting Crowns