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So I am practicing this awesome, new-to-me way of painting.

It’s awesome because I believe it is God flowing through me to 1. show me in my head the picture of what He wants to come out on the canvas, and 2. because I really don’t know how to paint with acrylics. It’s amazing and humbling to see what comes out, and the absolute JOY I have while creating them is unmatched.

So far, they have been inspired by different words the Lord has given to friends of mine, but I feel one brewing in my spirit based on a Scripture. This is all so exciting to me, especially after years of discouragement and wondering why I was given artistic talent and what in the world am I supposed to be doing with it. My heart is to honor the Lord with it, and He seems to be bringing that heart desire to fruition. In the process, these paintings are edifying people I love by giving them a visual reminder of what God has said to them. Just.. wow.

All of that said, I would like to share the latest painting in the hopes that it might inspire a brother or sister to jump in and let God do what He will with what He’s given you, in WHATEVER way He’s gifted you.

(c) 2015 by MIcah Miller

(c) 2015 by Micah Miller