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I had a weird thought this morning as I was taking my usual walk.

I normally walk a couple of miles around basically the same route, so why this happened today…?

Trucking along on the sidewalk, I came to a sewer drain that I’ve probably walked over hundreds of times. About midway over, I had the sudden stabbing fear that if it crumbled… I’ve had the same thought once or twice driving over a bridge. Things I normally never give a second thought, just trusting that they’ll hold, and then one day that invasive, momentary fear that they night not.

But I shake it off and decide I have faith in the architect.

My mind drew a parallel to my faith in God. I go along believing that He’s got everything handled, and then out of the blue comes a fearful “what if”. It pulls me up short for a minute and takes my breath, but then, I once again decide to trust the Architect. I can’t stand there wondering if things are going to collapse underneath me- I have to keep moving forward in faith. Besides, that way if they do collapse, I’ll be that many more steps closer to the other side. Ha.