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What Kind of Flower Are You? What Gem Are You? What Word Describes You? Where Should You Really Live? What Job Should You Really Have?

The inundation of all these quizzes on Facebook. These are meant to be fun and silly, and I’m sure most people don’t put a whole lot of stock in them. But they are, as one friend put it, narcissistic, a symptom of our me-oriented society. And their popularity points in a certain direction- a people seeking their true identity, and an answer to the question “Who am I, REALLY?”

Among other things, the biggest fallacy in the answers we get to these quizzes is that it is a one dimensional answer. I am not a one dimensional person. I wasn’t created that way- no one is. We can become this way by believing in the labels slapped on us by the media, society, teachers, parents, pastors, friends, our own selves. This is dangerous. We will never reach our full potential believing this.

The God who created us is not one dimensional. He is multifaceted, uncategorizable, defying description. He is, above all, Holy, but this is not all He is. He is Faithful, Funny, Love, Power, Grace, Patience, Artist, Builder, Wisdom; Beauty, Discipline, Spirit, Teacher, Helper, Designer, Healer, Giver. He created us in His image, so what does that mean for our identity? Multifaceted. Uncategorizable. Defying description.

Get out of your box! Who put you there?? I ask the question not to assign blame, but so that we begin to recognize the untruths that put us there and keep us there. And even if some of the labels are good, the truth is, that is not all that we are.



It may feel safe in that box, but we are SO limiting ourselves and limiting what God can do in us by staying there. By living in the box, we allow ourselves to be defined, not by God, but by other than God. Do you want this? Get out of the box. God is waiting to tell you your true identity.