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It’s a question that’s been posed to me several times recently.

Well, because.

I haven’t been blogging all that long- I just started last year, and only have really gotten into it the last few months. Even the word ‘blog’ is one of those weird portmanteau words (web log = blog) that bother me and it’s not something I imagined being interested in doing. I read other people’s blogs and enjoy them. It seems like everybody has a blog, but I’m not following a trend. I’m not even trying necessarily to build a following.

So, why blog? It seems a pretty legitimate question.

I find a lot of things interesting. I like to share those things.
I have a lot of thoughts. My thoughts become clearer to me when I write them than when they are rolling around loose in my head.
Maybe other people have similar thoughts. Maybe I could even present a new idea to someone who stops by to have a look.
I enjoy writing, but didn’t really have any place to put it, so to speak. It’s become a creative outlet of sorts for me.

Before I actually made a blog, I tried to talk myself out of it. Maybe I don’t really have anything to say. Maybe I’ll just be adding to the cyber noise out there. Do I have a deeply hidden need for attention? Why blog? For what purpose? Seems kinda silly…

But, I kept on wanting to do it. So I did. For a long time I didn’t say anything about it. Even to my husband. Just in case it was silly. I kept blogging anyway. I found I enjoy it. A lot.

I got brave one day and shared a link to my page on my Facebook. I really liked what I had to say that day and felt as if someone else needed to hear it. I don’t know who that someone was. I got unexpected feedback from friends and family. It was kind and encouraging.

I still don’t know what the whole purpose is for my blog. However, if it encourages just one person; if just one person feels less alone; if it makes just one person smile; if it presents a new idea to just one person; if just one person discovers a new favorite song, or finds a project they’d like to try…

Why NOT blog?
What would you be doing if you weren’t trying to talk yourself out of it?