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I try to be an environmentally responsible, health conscious person.

But, Magic Erasers.

What the heck is in those things?

No. Don’t tell me. Really; I don’t want to know. Because then I’d have to stop using them, and nothing, I mean NO THING (or combination of things) gets my shower clean. Not bleach, not the infamous Dawn and vinegar miracle worker I saw on Pinterest, not any natural commercial product. Nothing but those incredible little white sponges will get the soap scum and mildew off my craptastic fiberglass showers and tubs. What’s a girl to do?

I swore I’d only use them on the bathrooms.

But I can see my sparkling kitchen from where I sit (even the STOVE is shining), taking a break from the house cleaning which has only taken me half the time and scrubbing. Sigh. I’m certain the manufacturers KNOW this, and are laughing all the way to the bank.

So I compromise on my commitment to all-natural living for convenience. Boo. Thumbs down. I do it in other areas too, sometimes. Food, cosmetics, cheap fashion. No big deal right? Maybe, but as I sit and ponder, I have to wonder if it’s a symptom of spiritual compromise. Or will compromise in the physical lead to spiritual compromise?

Food for thought.